Fiber Optic Internet Deals in Clifton, NJ

Surf, stream, and send information at the speed of light using a fiber optic internet connection. This cutting-edge technology is quickly becoming available to the masses in Clifton, NJ as providers expand their operations to meet an ever increasing demand for fiber optic enhanced internet.

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Fiber Optic Internet in Clifton, NJ - A New Way to Receive Services

Fiber optic internet utilizes fiber optic cables, which use very different technology than the cable internet system. Cable transmits signals via pulses of electricity. In fiber optic cables there are literally thousands of glass strands. Though each glass strand is around the size of a strand of human hair, they are efficient at transmitting data via pulsating infrared laser lights.

This means info is sent at the speed of light, which translates into a superior internet speed. Data transmits at an amazing 10 gigabits per second to 40 gigabits per second. Compare that to cable internet in Clifton, NJ which caps out at 2 gigabits per second and DSL internet that caps out at 1 gigabit per second.

Are Clifton Fiber Optic Internet Services for You?

This connection is designed for heavy users that need a fast, reliable internet speed and an ongoing link to strengthen operations. If you frequently stay in touch with clients, colleagues, family or friends via video conferencing, stream videos or download large files fiber optic internet is well suited. Fiber optic internet connectivity in Clifton, NJ is not affected by weather or distance, making it one of the most dependable internet connection available today.


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